Derrick Q. Milligan

  Tri-Masters Coach

Ironman Derrick Q. Milligan completed his first triathlon in September of 1984 at Miles for Mankind in Hueston Woods State Park a few miles from Oxford, OH. A lifetime accomplished basketball and tennis player, Mr. Milligan discovered triathlon to be a fulfilling personal journey upon crossing his first finish line. Since then, he has never looked back. His mission is to promote peace, self-transcendence, and self-actualization through multi-sport fitness and education.

Derrick Milligan is part of the inerTRAIN management team as Vice President of Business Development. In this role, Derrick drives the growth of inerTRAIN by developing and executing innovative partnerships and marketing programs. He currently runs TriQuest, a boutique health and fitness service operation for executives, as well as Team Dream, a growing social network for multi-sport fitness training and competition for women of color.

Derrick’s training philosophy is based on the concept of flow. It is a dance between improving skill levels while increasing challenges. Performance, and often life, become more powerful, interesting and engaging when the connected bars of learned ability and larger goals are raised. This is the mystery he enjoys exploring with his clients, teams, colleagues, training partners and the mighty Tri-Masters.

Derrick holds certifications in inerTRAIN, Total Immersion, Professional Tennis Registry, Complete Health Improvement Project (CHIP) and Heart Zones. Through his articles, presentations, workshops, training and teaching sessions, Mr. Milligan has positively influenced thousands to find balance and power in life through fitness, training and education. A few of Mr. Milligan’s unique quotes include:

“Life is an endurance, contact sport — let’s train for it.”

“The greatest weapons of the oppressed are a disciplined mind, a driven heart and divine, inexhaustible perseverance.”

“The Hardest Muscle To Train Is The Imagination….”