Maurice Wills

Triathlon Coach

Maurice Wills has been racing triathlons since 2000 and have been coaching triathlete since 2001. He has successfully coached numerous triathletes in every distance from Sprint to Ironman.

Maurice’s certifications include:

• USA Level I Certified Coach

• Certified Total Immersion Swimming Teacher

• Certified ChiRunning Instructor

• Green Shirt and Blue Jersey Master Trainer Certified by Heart Zones

Maurice’s coaching style is focused on form and technique. He will teach you skills that will reduce the risk of injury allowing you to make triathlons part of your life long lifestyle.

Maurice is a 3-time Ironman with international race experience in all distances, having placed in several events in the past few years. In addition to triathlons, he participates in running events up to marathon distance. His passion for racing transcends into his clientele whom he tries to make the best athlete they can be.

Outside of triathlons Maurice is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and skier. He is an outdoorsman who likes hiking, camping and white water rafting. He has coached youth athletics including track and field around the country.

Maurice is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland. His commitment to athletics has spanned several decades. He was a member of the North Carolina A&T State University Track & Field and Cross-Country teams competing in NCAA Division I events. Maurice obtained a BS in Accounting from North Carolina A&T State University and obtained his CPA certificate.