Pablo Anguiano

Triathlon Coach and Youth Guidance Counselor

Pablo Anguiano has been involved in sports and youth intervention programs for most of his career. Pablo spent his youth in El Paso Mich., Mexico, participating in soccer, running and boxing. He immigrated to Chicago when he was 15. Too small for football, and with no soccer programs established yet in Chicago, Pablo was steered towards developing his running skills by a priest who directed a program for immigrant children.

Pablo ran his first marathon in 1980, and since then has competed in all distances. 1985 was his best marathon year, with a PR of 2:42:00. And while this was good enough to qualify for the Olympic Trials, he had not attained legal resident status yet. In 1990, Pablo ran 3 marathons, and all totaled he has completed 26 marathons, including marathons in Puerto Rico and Mexico. He began competing in triathlons in 1992.

Since 1990, Pablo has worked for the YMCA as a Youth Prevention Specialist, where he individually counsels kids in trouble through recreational therapy. Many of his youth are referred by the court system through UDIS (United Delinquents Intervention Services). Through sports activities, Pablo is able to coach and mentor the youth, and effectively change bad behavior into good. Pablo is also Director of Chicago's NYPUM (National Youth Project Using Mini-Bikes), a certified program that gives youth an opportunity to develop self esteem, values for daily living, and a sense of belonging, using mini-bikes as a motivational tool.

Recently, Pablo also became YMCA's Housing Coordinator for the Homeless. He is also a volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. In 1992, Pablo began coaching with the Tri-Masters Youth Sports Initiative Program, and in 1994 received "Coach of the Year" acknowledgement from the program's staff and director. Pablo plays a key role in the Tri-Masters youth triathlon training program, and is responsible for coaching, motivating, disciplining and mentoring the program's athletes.

Pablo graduated in 1982 from Malcolm X College with an Associate's Degree in Child Development, and received his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Chicago State University in 1990. Pablo is certified in CPR and First Aid, and has his NYPUM Certification. In 2000, Pablo was awarded YMCA Employee of the Year, and in 2001 was recognized for his significant contributions at the YMCA with a Black & Hispanic Achievers Recognition Award.