Few Chicago inner city minority youngsters know about the sport of triathlon; even fewer have the know-how and access to the equipment to participate in one. African-Americans are under-represented in the sport of triathlon, particularly among younger competitors. Less than 1% of the athletes taking part in triathlons are African-American.

This disturbing statistic was one of the key motivating factors in developing the Tri-Masters Sports Initiative Programs. Founded in 1992 with 30 youth athletes, this unique program now teaches over 100 boys and girls (ages 6-14) the sport of triathlon. Summer Triathlon Training Program

Summer Triathlon Training Program


Tri-Masters hosts a seven-week summer program in order to introduce children to the sport of triathlon and to prepare them for various competitions and events. In addition to teaching swimming, biking and running skills, the program develops self-esteem, and teaches the athletes about goal setting and team playing. The discipline and endurance required to compete in a triathlon prepares the young Tri-Masters athletes for the challenges that face them ahead in attaining their education and career goals. The program offers youth an alternative way of thinking, acting and relating to themselves, their choices and the world around them.

They are exposed to a university setting, competition environments, international cultural exchanges, and workshops with educational, sports and business leaders. Through a diverse group of motivational speakers and mentors, the program stresses the importance of excelling in school and avoiding drugs, gangs and violence.

Over the years, speakers have included top-ranked Ironman triathletes Mike Pigg and Wendy Ingraham; Super Bowl participant and Ironman triathlete Daryl Haley; U.S. Secret Service Agent-Emergency Response Team and Ironman triathlete Timothy Jacobs; former Chicago Bulls Craig Hodges; Mary Landi, Peace Runs International; and Officer Cecilia Bohan, Preventive Programs-Chicago Police Department. Local triathletes also volunteer, speak and train with the program athletes.

Since 1992, the program has trained over 1,500 youth athletes in the fundamentals necessary to compete in the sport of triathlon. Program participants have competed locally, nationally and internationally in numerous triathlon and running events. And, the program athletes give back by volunteering in various events each season.

Details on the Summer Program 2012 available soon.

After-School Triathlon Training for Youth
An After-School Program was founded in 1993, to encourage youth to continue their training program throughout the year, and provide year-round reinforcement of the skills and values learned in the Youth Summer Program: swimming, biking and running skills, self-esteem, goal setting, team playing, discipline and endurance.

Currently, Tri-Masters is holding after-school programs in three Chicago-area elementary schools. The program focuses on physical fitness and mentoring on life skills, conflict resolution and leadership develoment. CLICK HERE to find about more about contributing and sponsorship.

We are very proud to announce our youth training partner, Alive With MissionMe. Alive with MissionMe! (AMM), is a not-for-profit organization [501(c)(3)] committed to combating childhood obesity and putting the fun back into physical activity by developing in-school curricula and after-school programs to foster participation in MultiSport. AMM’s curricula are aligned with the Physical Education Standards set by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) and are adapted to USA Triathlon competencies.